Branding is a major aspect of building any business. We work with clients at various stages in their business’s life cycle, advising and providing practical solutions to assist them in building and maintaining a trusted brand globally. Our trademark practice includes:

Trademark Applications & Prosecution. Under common law, trademark protection may be afforded without registration however this protection is limited and can cause issues down the line if geographic expansion is desired. At Grant Attorneys at Law we assist clients in registering their marks in the United States and internationally.

To begin the application process please complete the following form and an attorney will be in touch shortly: Disclosure Form

Trademark Watch Services. Our watch services monitor for the submission of new trademark applications to ensure that our clients are aware of potential conflicts and can make strategic decisions on enforcing their rights.

Trademark Enforcement and Defense. The United Stated trademark laws require mark owners to police their marks or risk losing them. At Grant Attorneys at Law we assist our clients develop strategies for enforcement and defense. If as a result of our watch service, or otherwise, a potential conflict or infringement is revealed, we are able to readily address the issue with a solid plan of action.

In addition to enforcement we also assist clients who have received cease and desist letters, or have been served with a complaint, to defend against allegations of infringement.

Domain Names. A registered domain name, by itself, does not provide trademark protection. Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis and as such issues may arise between a trademark owner and an owner of a domain name which is similar to the trademark. We assist with resolving trademark versus domain name disputes and issues of cybersquatting.

Customs & Border Protection Recordation. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) maintains a trademark recordation system allowing them to prevent the importation of goods which infringe upon marks registered with the USPTO. We assist clients with recordation of their marks with the CBP.

Trademark Licensing. There are several benefits to licensing a trademark, whether for promotional purposes during events, to expand product offering or for franchising. We draft, review and negotiate trademark license agreements to ensure that our client’s assets are protected.