With the development of new content sharing platforms, the scope of copyright law has changed. Our attorneys provide guidance on protection, licensing, use and misuse of copyrighted content.

Counseling and Registration. We provide pre-publication reviews and fair use opinions for clients seeking to use third party copyrighted content.

Transactions and Agreements. At Grant Attorneys at law we draft, review and negotiate various types of copyright agreements to ensure that ownership in copyrighted content is protected and those seeking to acquire rights in copyrighted content acquire the rights needed to meet their objectives. Some of theses agreements include assignments, settlement agreements, license agreements and work for hire agreements.

Enforcement and Defense. We advise and assist our clients with the enforcement and defense of their copyrighted content. If a potential infringer is revealed, we are able to readily address the issue with a solid plan of action. In addition to enforcement we also assist clients who have received cease and desist letters, or have been served with a complaint, to defend against allegations of infringement. Our enforcement and defense practice also includes response and submission of DMCA take-down notice claims.