Our Entertainment and Media team provides transactional and litigation counsel to clients in various industries. We help clients develop relationships and secure agreements to exploit their work throughout multiple channels. Our entertainment and media attorneys focus on the following industries: film, television, music, fashion, theater, advertising, new media and publishing.

Film and Television. We provide full support on film and television projects from start to finish. Some of our areas of expertise include negotiating and drafting talent, financing, production, distribution, shopping and licensing agreements. We also advise on various aspects of the business, including talent procurement, compliance with union and guild requirements, rights acquisition, financing productions, rights of privacy and publicity, and intellectual property infringement.

Music. We counsel our clients in the music industry on a range of legal issues, including, but not limited to, branding and endorsements, publishing and distribution, concerts and touring, risk management, streaming and downloading of music on the internet, intellectual property infringement, talent procurement, rights acquisition and licensing.

Fashion and Beauty. We represent early-stage and established brand owners, designers, and models as well as wholesalers, retailers, consultants, photographers and modeling agencies. We counsel clients in matters related to brand enforcement and brand management, including business formation, licensing, manufacturing, distribution, investment and intellectual property issues. We assist beauty clients comply with labeling laws and with obtaining FDA approval where necessary.

Theater. Our theater practice includes advising and negotiating deals on behalf of underlying rights owners seeking to reproduce their works into musicals and plays. We draft and negotiate various agreements, including, but not limited to, production, financing and other investment-related agreements.

Advertising and New Media. Our advertising and new media practice focuses on advising clients on compliance with the regulations for running campaigns, sweepstakes, giveaways and contests as well as social media and other traditional advertising initiatives. We counsel advertisers on proper use of user-generated content, FTC regulations and production of webisodes. We also advise advertisers and agencies on how to adapt their business models to new media and other emerging technologies.

Publishing. Our publishing practice focuses on both traditional print and digital publishing. Our attorneys negotiate and draft publishing rights agreements, as well as contracts related to the exploitation of subsidiary and ancillary rights in film, television, theater and merchandising. Other services include securing and drafting distribution agreements, as well as First Amendment issues.